Emirates Stadium Standing Seating Plan

At Emirates Stadium music events, the stage is positioned opposite seat blocks 8 and 9. The lower seat blocks run round the stadium in a horse shoe shape starting on the west stand from seat block 30 - 21 and then 1 - 19, with seat blocks 30 and 19 being closest to the stage.

Level 2 seat blocks follow the same layout around the stadium. Seat blocks 83 and 84 are closest to the stage in the west stand with seat blocks 40 - 65 running round in a horse shoe shape, finishing with seat block 65 closest to the stage in the east stand.

In the upper tier seating, seat blocks 133 and 134 are closest to the stage in the west stand and seat blocks 91 - 114 continue round to the east stand with seat block 114 closest to the stage.

Directly opposite the stage, you will find seat blocks 7 - 10, 49 -54 and 99 - 104.

Seat blocks behind the stage in the south stand are not in use for music events.

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Where are the best seats at Emirates Stadium?

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at Emirates Stadium. Seat block 125 gets the best rating at Emirates Stadium. Click for more information.

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