Crucible Theatre Detailed Seating Plan with Seat Numbers and Rows

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Make sure you get the best view of events at Crucible Theatre. Here is our detailed seating layout of Crucible Theatre showing seat blocks, seat rows and seat numbers.

detailed Seating Plan at Crucible Theatre

Crucible Theatre is an intimate venue, making it ideal for the World Snooker Championships. In fact, the maximum seat number of a row for a normal seat layout is 80. Seats are positioned around the stage area, from seat number 1 at stage left to seat 80 at stage right. The 14 rows are assigned a letter from A - P (omitting I and O), A being found closest to the stage. The theatre has a number of wheel chair spaces at various positions around the auditorium, (blue numbers shown on seating plan).

Where are the best seats at Crucible Theatre?

From the ratings submitted, this is how our site users rate the seat blocks at Crucible Theatre. Seat block Center-right gets the best rating at Crucible Theatre. Click for more information.

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